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Shanghai Allstar Industrial CO.LTD was founded in 2006 and located in the beautiful Changjiang River.We are the international leading supplier of container activity room, prefabricated modular container housing and professional  solution of design, research, development, produce  and installation.

Our company is famous for many years of production experience,advanced technology and strict quality control. And all clients  not only from mainland but abroad are highly approval and praise because of reliable quality, timely delivery, and thoughtful service.Now our products include:Folding container, office container,shop container, display container, kitchen and dining container, hotel container, school dormitory container,toilet container , shower container, etc.They can be combined into buildings or residential area arbitrarily,used temporarily or used with semi long-term in any random environment, and they can also meet your private custom.


As a well-known supplier of mobile container housing, Shanghai allstar industrial Co.,Ltd is ambitious and motivated and committed to shape the image of the industry model. Our purposes: good reputation is based, customer satisfaction is our goal, perfect the modern enterprise management system is our working criterion. We will have a heart with professional responsibility, solid and development, realistic and innovative spirit ,so that we can provide more comprehensive and more high-quality service for customers. All staffs in Shanghai allstar are united as one to achieve max fighting capacity ; When we meet any questions, we always solve it in the fastest speed; Every staff keeps an ambitious heart and is active with strong sense of responsibility. That’s reason our company possesses outstanding status . 

corporate vision

To the quality of survival, in good faith and development

operation philosophy

Come together ,fly together, pull together,come good luck; 

good faith mutually beneficial,  aim at absolute perfection, 

customer first,   sincere service