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Flexible and efficient box-type mobile room

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      Box-type mobile container house was used generally in the various fields of social existence.It is not only used for short and longer-term site accommodation and office space.But people also used increasingly as a long-term apartment room, business room, restaurant, shop.The superiority of its environmental protection and energy saving, the flexibility of assembly, safe and comfortable of practicability, cost-effective benefits have been welcomed by more and more widely and love.

      Although the installation of mobile container house is very convenient and flexible,but the preparation is necessary,so that we can live safely and effectively for a long time without risk after the installation of box-type mobile container .


   First of all,please ensure the installation of ground is flat and level.If the ground of the box-type mobile room is uneven,you must make a certain amount of cement concrete squat in the uneven ground according to mobile container house installation area,and upper plane of cement concrete squat down must be kept in the same horizontal plane.

  Then install container room according to the order of the manufacturer's drawings requirement.Sart to install from the base,then install Angle,after installation of Angle erect,you can install the top.


    Bottom, top and Angle of each is a complete whole,when the bottom, Angle and top installed successfully,you can assemble metope,wallboard is a modular design, doors and Windows have been installed in each block wall as requied.

     The connection of the top, bottom, Angle and wall plate should be fixed by certain high strength bolt,do not need to use electric welding, and so on fire tools.After the whole container are assembled successfully, began to connect power,the power cord production have been embedded according to the requirement when they are produced in the factory,and then the mobile room can be used.


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