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Modified mobile house

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        The modified type mobile house is modified by shipping container, the characteristics of the shipping container is strong enough, high load strength , steel structure, steel frame at the top and bottom type with corrugated wall forms a whole structure. Its shockproof, rain-proof , wind-resistant performance is higher than traditional building structure.But in the process of modification to door and window, we should assure not to affect the whole structure to make . In this aspect , our company has rich experience in the process of design and production practice .

        In order to fully reflect the living function and live cozily like traditional buildings, the external decoration of mobile house is designed according to local environment and aesthetic features. The internal decoration and layout of that is designed according to local manners and customs. And then we also choose specific decoration and the material of decoration.

       There is a wide variety of specifications in thermal insulation material and thickness of mobile room, the material is divided into glass wool, polyurethane foam, etc. The thickness is from 60 mm to 150 mm, the density and thickness of the needed material is decided by local climate and placement site.