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Diesel genterator-type mobile house

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      Diesel generator uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as the prime motor to drive generator power machinery to work .  its main parts are installed in the interior of mobile room, it can be transported to the urgent need scene and assemble once again, work for power generation. The diesel generator is mainly composed of a box type mobile room of installation unit. Air cooled heat radiation box type mobile house and transformer box type mobile .


     Be suitable for site of needing electricity , like desert gobi, natural disasters, etc.


     Generator box-type mobile container house: 40 feet open top box-type mobile container house, internal fixed installation16V240ZD-type diesel engine, generator, high elastic coupling, oil water auxiliary system, exhaust system, battery, grounding resistance cabinet, unit control cabinet, etc. The bottom of 40 feet open top box-type mobile container house have universal base of diesel engine and generator.


    Air-cooling box-type mobile container house: 20 feet open top box-type mobile container house, internal fixed air-cooling device. In order to ensure  good air circulation performance, the top of 20 feet open top box-type mobile container house is all open, and configures latticed gate hole in the lower half part of side wall .


      Transformer box-type mobile room : 40 feet standard mobile room, equipped with two sets of units, equipped with transformers, power cabinet, high and low voltage switch cabinet, fanner.