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Design and process technology

In order to provide you the most satisfactory solution, we will provide experienced professional design team for you to meet the demand of engineering. Our design service is free for all customers, the product design meets customer demand and local standard according to customer's demands .Only charge a fee for very complex structure design.



Our company specializes in the production of packaging type modular container house,  the size is from 8 * 10 feet to 8*40 feet, also produces modified container. Product quality is a key factor in the development of enterprises, we don't omit any details in quality, strive to provide customers higher quality products. Advanced equipment and technological process will preferably ensure the product quality, we constantly innovate on product safety performance, energy conservation and process in order to create best product for customer.



Our container house can be delivery to all over the world by sea, rail and road transport, the container house can be packed into the minimum volume to reduce the cost of transportation, firm package can ensure the container house will not damage during transport. 



Whether your project is big or small, our team will give you a hand and provide you consulting service about construction.Through strict training, our staff is qualified and skilled in installation and maintenance. If you have any need, we can send professional workers to guide installation and technical support for you.


1. Open packaging, lift the container roof;

2. remove accessories like wall panel , corner column;

3. Remove the packaging and packing plate; 

4. Install corner column;

5. Install container roof;

6. The diagonal correction of container house;

7. Install the wall panel and door;

8. Install the partition board;

9. Install the downspout;

10. Install switch, socket, electric light;

11. Install interior decoration;