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The announcements of using mobile house

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       Before customization and purchase mobile container house,you should have a basic understanding of the use of mobile container and need to settle down by the regional or natural environment,climate conditions and geographical characteristics.It is convenient for you to put forward the specific technical requirements for the heat preservation,sturdiness,bearing quality and moisture resistance of customized mobile room.And it is also convenient for professional manufacturer to use more scientific,more reasonable materials and structure design according to the special needs of special region.

      The assembly and placed of mobile room was guided by professional manufacturer,after the installation combination,you had better don't change the overall layout and the overall structure of mobile container.More cannot  driling and hit a nail on the wall,because roof walls and interior walls of each special customization mobile room buried the circuit .It is easy to cause the safety accidents by random drilling and nailing.

      For mobile room itself and mutual combination of mobile fittings, decoration and the connection bolt,if there aren't special need,please don't dismantle them.Otherwise it is easy to create the slight deformation and loose of mobile room.

      If because of the need to move mobile container,you must dismantle fittings,decoration and connection bolt,and you also should contact manufacturer of mobile room in advance. The disassembled and reassembled should be guided by specialized technical installation personnel.

     The service life of high quality mobile room were at least 15 years in normal use and without artificial damage.